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JuS DeW U is a brand which promotes self empowerment, self care and accountability. Our goal is to put positivity in the world, to inspire, to comfort, and ensues confidence. It is not for a certain demographic because children need help,  teenagers need help, adults need help and seniors need help. Male or female;  age or race doesn’t matter. Everyone who is willing to be open to receive positive words, inspiration or guidance to be accountable for you. JuS DeW U, there is no other way. You are unique, your gifts and talent are special and needed. Learn what makes you happy and comfortable. See yourself, comfort yourself, love yourself and everything will be fall into place. So let us be the light that’s held up to view the path to JuS DeW U.


Every day I think about some parts of my past that I wish I hadn’t done or should have done. And as the day goes by I find myself being thankful of all that I had done. Thanking God for the bad decisions as well as the right ones. It’s not easy living this life. It’s full of ups and downs, twists, turns and lessons are learned. At times the; should have, could have and would have manages to come up in many conversations. I’ve said it many times as well as the person or people I’ve been conversing with. Yet when we actually look over our lives we can truly say that we are blessed. Yeah, I know that’s a song, but it is so true.


All the bullets we dodged, and the car accidents we wasn’t in, the crazy people and hurtful situations that could have befall us didn’t. And I am thankful so thankful that God has kept me. And I know you are. Yes, we have put ourselves in danger numerous of times for example, the unprotected sex, every time we drove home drunk and on drugs, every time we walked into dark alleyways, and walking into various homes where we didn't k now anyone in the home or what was going one in there. Every time we got into a unhealthy relationship. Every time we got into physical confrontations.  We opened our mouths and speak negative about ourselves or someone. All of these negative people, place, action and thing we do. In the end it all caused us pain not them. 

I get it we are all trying to survive.  And life changes like the seasons. In one season its warm weather, calm winds and sunshine then its stormy rains, rocky waves, lightening and thunder with the next. Change is necessary for us grow and mature. As we grow we look back and wonder how we manage to make it out of the difficult situations and dangerous people . We battle with our emotions, feelings and get lost. Trying to make sense of the old.


We get to a point where we may feel as if we’ve overlooked something, or somebody. And some of us revisit some people, places and things, we should have just left their in the past. Think we messed up or missed out on something. The truth is we didn’t. You met the people you were supposed to meet, worked at the companies at the time you were needed, love the people you were supposed to for the time you did, and traveled to the place you were meant too. All to actually touch someone, free someone, love someone, help someone, deliver a message, or teach a lesson.


You may not believe it, but it’s all designed. It’s part of your purpose. We don’t often like the situations or people and places we go but it’s meant for us. Some of us have to keep getting tested because we either didn’t learn anything or the message wasn’t clear to them or us. Our lessons can last a minute, an hour, a day, a month, or a year and sometimes years. Yes, it’s hard. And there is only one guarantee, that you will learned something from your experience. Good or Bad.  The key is to Keep It Moving at all times. And focus on you. Be U, Learn to love U and be accountable. Remember it all  starts with a thought. Having a positive state of mind. Think positive, and positive people, places and things are coming your way. On the flip side of that coin thinking negative and associating yourself with negative people, places and things can also coming your way. 

 There are always consequences to your actions Good or Bad. So let all your words, actions and movements shape a positive outcome. Either way you gotta "Keep It Moving."


I encourage you to JuS DeW U "Think Positive"

Written by Regina Johnson

Smiling face wearing a green tshirt that says JuS Happy 2 Be Me

JuS DeW U is a mindset. Steady, Confident, and Bold should the mind be at all times. Never waver or compromise yourself to create a comfortable environment for someone other than yourself. Every day is a new day to change, restore or build. Yes U Can and Yes U, Are

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