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Think positive about yourself and your goals, speak positively about yourself and your goals, and surround yourself with positive people. This platform helps to inspire you to continue your journey with focus, and self empowerment.

We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness, and we are here to help you unlock it. Our team of experts provides guidance and support to help you develop the skills and mindset needed to succeed. Here, you can trust your intuition and know that success will follow.

Young person wearing pink hoodie with JuSDewU logo on it


Regina Johnson, CEO of JuS DeW U

Grew up in born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, participating in the arts, dancing, music, poetry, and plays. She attended a university and technical school where she studied Public Relations and Hardware/Software. Photography/Writing became an outlet when she needed a way to escape the madness, and she used her imagination to create a place she could escape. 


Under the guidance of many who instructed and mentored her, she's continuing to develop her skills as a photographer, creative thinker, innovator, writer, and motivator. She inspires people and clients not to be afraid to reinvent themselves, visioning themselves and their businesses in a positive light.


She is the youngest in her family. Along with her siblings, she was taught to be unique, be herself, and be free to enjoy life. She realized that in order to do that, she had to love herself first, no matter what. That’s what she wants to share with everyone—to be brave, always keep moving, keep smiling, and most of all, JuS DeW U.

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